When an Indonesian food producer’s industrial flour mixer failed due to a faulty variable frequency drive (VFD), they turned to Invertek Drives Ltd’s OptidriveTM E3 VFD for a solution.

The food producer’s Sinmag mixer had been using a Chinese design and manufactured 5HP, 3.7kW drive installed as a single bundle with the mixer’s main control panel. It was controlling a 3kW motor requiring a high torque at start-up.

Having only been used for a short time before the drive failed the company wanted to change it to an alternative and more reliable VFD to prevent future costly downtime.

The company needed to have the mixer operational in order to mix dough for a range of food products.

“The company was losing valuable time and money without having the mixer operational. A local motor and drives engineer suggested using an Invertek OptidriveTM E3 knowing how reliable they are in such intense industrial applications,” said Kes Beech, Technical Manager at Invertek Drives Ltd, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of VFD technology.

“With the mixer having a high torque at start-up and the need for a constant and reliable low-speed control, the OptidriveTM E3 IP20 4kW drive was an ideal solution, as well as providing energy saving opportunities as a result.”

The OptidriveTM E3 was easily installed into the existing mixer panel housing. With parameters for industrial, pump and fan modes installed on the VFD as standard, it meant commissioning was also straightforward.

The internal Category C1 EMC filter fitted in every OptidriveTM E3 as standard also saves cost and time for installation.

The built-in keypad ensures quick and easy input of modes and parameters, and with the option of the OptistickTM Smart, future duplication of specific or bespoke parameters can be used on other mixers if required.

“The Optidrive’s industrial mode optimises the drive for bad characteristics often found in mixers, as well as conveyers and treadmills. This ensures the drive is capable of being commissioned in a very short time, allowing production to re-start quickly,” added Kes. 

Key features and benefits of the OptidriveTM E3 are:

  • Compact and robust
  • Simple commissioning
  • Panel mounting
  • Intuitive keypad control
  • Application macros
  • Industrial
  • Pump
  • Fan
  • Internal Category C1 EMC filter
  • Operates up to 50c

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