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Invertek Improve Efficiency At Wesley Group

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The Optidrive VTC inverter from Welshpool-based, Invertek Drives is providing significant energy savings and extended functionality on the Wesley Wheel Wash commercial vehicle washing system.

Founded in the 1960s, the Wesley  Groups product range includes small mobile pressure washers through to large  under body chassis washes for commercial vehicles. Their flagship drive-through  Wheel Wash cleans dirty trucks as they leave construction sites, landfill sites  and quarries. The system switches itself on when it senses a vehicle  approaching the ramp, and switches itself off when it exits.

Without an inverter, the 22kW  pumping system requires 90 amps of starting current and can perform up to forty  start cycles an hour (40 vehicles). Even if a 90-amp supply is present on site,  a generator may still be needed if its not available at the wheel wash  location. The Optidrive VTC overcomes this problem by reducing the current  required by the pump at start up by approximately 45% to around 50 amps.

The inverter also controls the  output of the pump and is used to reduce the speed of the motor during the  summer months, when less water is needed to wash the vehicles. The Optidrive  VTC also offers a sleep mode for energy saving and an automatic energy  optimiser function for periods of light loads.

Mike West - Wesley Group Managing  Director explains; The decision to use the Optidrive VTC was taken purely as a  commercial decision. In many cases we would miss sales opportunities for our  Wheel Wash if we could not offer it with a reduced start-up current whilst  maintaining the full power of the pump unit.

After careful research we selected  Invertek distributor, Crawford Controls Ltd. Crawford recommended their IP55  enclosure incorporating an Optidrive VTC, ventilation fan and isolation  switch.  Due to space restrictions within the pump room, a special runner  system was used which allows the whole control box to slide out of the pump  house for any maintenance or adjustments.

The introduction to the inverters  has gone very smoothly and our customers are reporting improvements  in efficiency and also in the cleanliness of the road leading away from  the site. Apart from increasing our own sales of wheel washers by offering the  machine with a lower power requirement, our customers are also delighted that  the UK Government Energy Conservation scheme allows them to claim back the  whole cost of the Optidrive.

The innovative and compact Optidrive  VTC combines ease of use, simple installation and commissioning with good looks  robustness and reliability - making it the lowest cost solution for virtually  all variable torque applications between 1.5 160 kW.

The entire product range has a  unified control interface and with only 14 standard parameters to adjust, it  could not be easier or quicker to use. For the more advanced user the extended  parameter set gives access to powerful additional functionality.

Optidrive  VTCs optical interface allows wireless communication with the unique Optiwand  CE Plus for fast and accurate product configuration. The drive also  incorporates MODBUS communication with other control equipment.

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