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Putting 'rated torque at zero speed' to work in Spain

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Optidrive Plus 3GV is providing significant process improvements to Ingenieria Galvanica S.L. throughout its prestigious Spanish manufacturing operations.

Focussed on the manufacturer of surface treatment machinery, waste water treatment plants for galvanic lines and equipment for galvano lines, Ingenieria Galvanica S.L now specify Optidrive Plus 3GV as standard for their drive applications.

Maintaining rated torque at zero speed is highlighted as a major benefit in an application where hoists need to maintain very accurate control over large loads. The latest application for Optidrive Plus 3GV in this operation is a large and complex process where all the drives are controlled by a PLC integrated in a Profibus-DP network. The main problem Ingenieria Galvanica S.L previously faced was the motors not delivering the optimum torque necessary for the acceleration rate needed in this application. By simply matching the Optidrive Plus 3GV drive parameters to the motor characteristics they were able to achieve the optimum motor torque and therby gain the acceleration rate required.

"It seemed that we had multiplied the torque x2. " commented Carlos Salgado, Principal of Invertek Drives Spain and responsible for the supply of Optidrive Plus 3GV to Ingenieria Galvanica S.L

Similar benefits were then achieved throughout the production process by using Optidrive Plus 3GV on conveyors, centrifuges, load rotation inside of the baths and turnover motors.

Cesar Carvi, Technical manager at Ingenieria Galvanica S.L also highlights the advantages of quick drive commissioning via an infra red link with a Pocket PC, with no inconvenient wires and a process that ensures all required parameters are programmed. This easy upload and dowmload facility also means quick downloading of drive parameters for checking and easy copying of parameters to other drives.

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