When one of the world’s leading automation companies built a car lift in Mumbai, India, they explored various options to control Lift Machine motion so a smooth ride could be assured.

Invertek’s sales partner in India, Tros Autotek PVT Ltd, proposed Invertek’s Optidrive Elevator variable frequency drive which has a built-in brake chopper and, after conducting initial trials, was soon able to provide a solution.

The lift, which carries cars and parks them in different slots in a tower with a height of more than 50 metres, was supplied and installed by Precision Automation & Robotics India Ltd (PARI), who are leading suppliers in Automated Car Parking Systems in India. The car lift carries loads up to 2.5 tons at one metre per second lifting speed. 

Ashok Patil, Commissioning Engineer at Tros Autotek, said: “Land in Mumbai is at a premium so these types of car lifts (due to their small footprint) are becoming more popular in the city. The installed system was commissioned.

“Within 30 minutes of installing and setting up the Optidrive Elevator, the lift was working without any jerks. It also now has a good speed changeover and stops smoothly. The customer (PARI) is very happy with the ease of installation and the way the actual drive works and is placing repeat orders with us for the Optidrive Elevator.

Optidrive Elevator Product Manager, Justin Walker, said: “Variable speed drives are used in a vast number of motor control applications, but they are predominantly industrial operations where the key objective is usually to save energy and money. Elevators are different in that the main priority is to provide precise and consistent motor control, to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish, especially in this case where such heavy loads are being carried. 

“Once again the Optidrive Elevator has proven itself in addressing the exact requirement of the lift, particular advantages in this case being reduced motor noise, built-in brake chopper, reduced mechanical footprint and improved comfort levels and motor control - vital in buildings such as this, where the lift is carrying cars, which are highly valued possessions in India,” he added.