Optidrive variable speed drives (VSDs) from Invertek are currently being used to control the climate in the Adler Arena at Sochi 2014.

A total of 93 drives are being used to control the air flow and ice production in the venue which is hosting all of the 2014 speed skating events.

The design and build of the Adler Arena was overseen by Dutch ice specialist, Bertus Butter, who has been involved in the building of a number of ice rinks and speed skating tracks during his career. 

Following an approach from Sochi organisers, Mr Butter’s firm, Butter and Energy worked with Boukens Ice and Climate Solutions, a Dutch high performance ice rink specialist to design and build the Adler Arena.

Hiflex, Invertek’s sales partner in the Netherlands, has worked with systems integrator Boukens for more than 13 years. Hiflex General Manager, Dick de Graaf, says, “Boukens approached us with a number of requirements for the Adler Arena – we recommended Invertek AC inverters as part of a comprehensive specification list to ensure the climate in the arena offers the best conditions for the athletes.”

Eight high-performance 160kW Optidrive P2s are being used to control the PID/frequency of the cooling compressors which make the ice, whilst 85 Invertek VSDs are responsible for controlling the air in the stadium which uses a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system.

Hiflex recommended that Boukens use a combinations of Optidrive E2, P2 and HVAC to achieve the desired results.

Invertek’s Optidrive HVAC has been specifically designed for Building Services applications and are used to ensure energy efficient air handling in buildings around the world.

Invertek Drives Technical Manager, Kes Beech, explains why Optidrive HVAC was the ideal choice for the Sochi speed skating arena, “Usually the air conditioning systems in buildings are designed for maximum occupancy and peak outside ambient conditions. This means that for the majority of time there is large scope for running the systems at a reduced speed using a variable speed drive – this can save significant amounts of both energy and money.

“Optidrive HVAC has the capability to vary the output of air conditioning systems to meet the building’s changing demands throughout the day.”

The installation has proved to be a success and visitors to the Adler Arena have witnessed some thrilling speed skating since Sochi 2014 began on 7th February.

Dick continues, “As a long-standing Hiflex customer, Boukens was impressed with both the capability and the cost of the Invertek inverters. Boukens installed and commissioned the drives and we are very pleased with the results – especially as the Dutch speed skating team is leading the way on the Sochi 2014 medal table!”