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Sixty-storey residential tower development saves water, energy and maintenance costs with Optidrive E3

Sixty-storey residential tower development saves water, energy and maintenance costs with Optidrive E3


Constant and evenly pressurised water was need to all floors of the 60-storey residential tower.


Optidrive E3s have been installed to control water pumps with Optiflow technology to ensure consistent flow, increasing at peak times and reduced when not needed. This reduced water use and wear and tear on pumps when they were not needed.

KL Eco City

Residents in Malaysia’s newest and tallest residential tower development are enjoying a constant and evenly pressurised water supply that is more efficient and using less energy than conventional pump systems thanks to Invertek Drives technology.

KL Eco City in Kuala Lumpur is a significant integrated green luxury development encompassing retail, commercial and residential areas on a 25-acre city centre site.

One part of the development is a 60-storey residential tower containing 720 residential apartments.

The developer wanted to ensure an even water pressure and flow in the building was maintained at all times to all floors, particularly during peak periods, while keeping water usage and energy costs down as part of the development’s green credentials.

“When you have such a high structure with a large number of units demanding water it can be difficult to ensure constant pressure and regular flow, particularly at peak times, such as the morning, evening and at weekends,” said Khairul Azhari of Invertek Drives Malaysia.

Invertek Drives installed and commissioned 94 Optidrive E3s as part of the development. The drives are controlling 5.5kW, 4 kW and 0.75 kW pumps.

The advantage of the Optidrive E3 over other VFDs is the ease at which it can be installed and commissioned, with 14 basic parameters and application macro functions providing rapid set up. It also comes with internal PI control and category C1 EMC filter.

“The Optidrives have been installed in the basement to provide water to the tenth floor, with a further 16 VFDs installed on that floor to maintain it to the higher storeys and rooftop areas,” added Khairul.

The drives ensure each of the pumps delivers constant pressure when required, reducing the number of pumps in use when the demand for water falls.

“The drives control the pumps so that only the required amount of water is provided. This helps to cut the number of pumps in use at quieter times, reducing energy costs, wear and tear on the pumps and associated maintenance costs and downtime,” added Khairul.

E3 set-up, commissioning, monitoring and changing its parameters is also easy through its Bluetooth connectivity to Invertek’s Optitools mobile app via the Optistick Smart. This means the replication of parameters to other drives is effortless.

The Optidrive E3 is available in IP20 and IP66 enclosures, making it ideal for a range of environments. In pump mode, it has constant or variable torque.