Variable frequency drives (VFDs) enhance the performance and energy efficiency of material handling systems by providing precise motor speed control, reducing wear and tear, improving safety, and enabling optimal utilisation of power. They play a vital role in achieving smooth and efficient material flow in various industrial settings.

Hoists & Cranes

VFDs find extensive application in hoists and cranes used for lifting and moving heavy loads in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and ports. By regulating the speed and acceleration of the motors, VFDs enable precise positioning and smooth operation of the lifting equipment. They also provide advanced safety features such as overload protection, torque control, and anti-sway functionality.

Conveyor systems

VFDs are commonly used in conveyor systems to control the speed of the motors that power the conveyor belts. By adjusting the motor speed according to the specific material handling requirements, VFDs enable smooth and controlled movement of goods along the conveyor line. This allows for efficient sorting, merging, diverting, and accumulation of materials.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

AGVs are self-guided vehicles used for transporting goods within warehouses or manufacturing facilities. VFDs play a crucial role in controlling the speed and acceleration of AGV motors, allowing for accurate and efficient movement of materials. VFDs enable dynamic speed adjustments, path correction, and smooth acceleration and deceleration, enhancing the overall performance and maneuverability of AGVs.

Palletisers and Depalletisers

VFDs are utilized in palletising and depalletising systems to control the speed and motion of robotic arms or machinery used for stacking or destacking pallets. By adjusting the motor speed based on the specific load requirements, VFDs ensure precise and controlled movements, reducing the risk of product damage and enhancing productivity.

Sorting and Distribution Systems

VFDs are integrated into sorting and distribution systems, such as tilt-tray sorters and cross-belt sorters, to regulate the speed of the motors that drive the sorting mechanisms. By precisely controlling the motor speed, VFDs enable accurate sorting, diverting, and merging of products, resulting in improved throughput and operational efficiency.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

ASRS utilize VFDs to control the movement of vertical lift modules, carousels, and other storage and retrieval mechanisms. VFDs allow for precise positioning, acceleration, and deceleration of the motors, enabling efficient storage and retrieval of materials while minimizing the risk of collisions or damage.

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