VFDs provide energy efficient control of the multiple motors often found in irrigation systems, from those pumping water to those driving wheels to move the swing arm across the field.

Instant cost savings

VFDs provide precise control of pump speed to allow the water pump to respond smoothly and efficiently to fluctuations in demand, avoiding wasted energy and water by delivering the exact amount of flow required at any time. This delivers lower lifetime costs for irrigation systems, improved well life and reduced mechanical wear. This also does away with the need to oversize the pump to meet any potential extreme load conditions, a major factor in reducing profitability of agricultural, operations.

Eliminate water hammer

VFDs provide a soft start function that minimises water hammer, a serious problem for many irrigations systems where the pump is turned on or off suddenly. Increasing or decreasing the speed of the water pump slowly eliminates water hammer, preventing damage to the pump, piping valves and other pump components.

Motor protection and monitoring

Overload protection for the pump motor and control modes to monitor conditions that would be detrimental to the motor.

Climate control in livestock housing is the key benefit of using variable frequency drives to control motor speed. Optidrive VFDs can help to:

  • Provide optimum ventilation and circulation
  • Provide the exact amount of fresh air required
  • Maintain relative humidity
  • Minimise moisture and condensation
  • Maintain temperature at an optimal level

From conveyors used to move a multitude of produce around the farm through to fans used for aerating grain or cooling livestock, wherever electrical motors are present in agricultural operations Optidrive variable frequency drives improve productivity and profitability.

Suitable for all fan types

  • Wall Fan Wall Fan
  • Ceiling Ceiling
  • Roof Mounted Roof Mounted
  • Turbulator Recirculation Turbulator Recirculation
  • Plate Fan Plate Fan

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