Amusement Park Rides:

VFDs are used in rides to accurately control motor speed and torque, providing a smoother and safer experience for riders. This includes roller coasters, ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, and other similar attractions. VFDs allow for precise speed control and gentle start/stops, which can both improve ride quality and reduce mechanical stress on the equipment.

Swimming Pools

VFDs can control the speed of pool pumps, adjusting the flow rate as needed to maintain water quality and clarity. This reduces energy consumption, extends equipment life, and reduces noise. Additionally, for pools with wave machines or water features, VFDs can precisely control pump speed to create specific effects.

Bowling Alleys

The pinsetters in bowling alleys are often controlled by VFDs. They provide the right amount of torque and speed to ensure that the pins are set up quickly and correctly each time.

Ice Rinks

Ice resurfacers often use VFDs to ensure optimal speed and control while resurfacing the ice. This results in better ice conditions and more efficient operations.

Fitness Centres

Treadmills and other fitness equipment often use VFDs for variable speed control, providing a wider range of workout options and more customized experiences for users.

Horse exercisers

VFDs provide accurate and smooth movement of exercisers to allow horses to be walked backwards and forwards at different speeds to make it more like a natural exercise.


VFDs are used to control mobile fans used to dry golf greens, Using VFDs means the fans can be operational on greens in high temperatures for hours at a time.

Special effects

One example is Optidrive P2 being used to provide precise motor movement for control of doors on a spacecraft that featured in a Tom Cruise movie.

HVAC, pump and irrigation systems

VFDs provide precise and energy efficient control of water and air movement plus refrigeration systems, across a vast range of leisure industries. From ice rinks and stadiums to golf courses and football pitches, VFDs are used to efficiently control HVAC, chilling, pumping and irrigation systems.

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