Energy efficient fan and pump control

Reducing the amount of flow in rotating equipment such as fans and pumps provides huge energy saving. In the case of fans, mathematical theory for fan law says reducing airflow by half can result in the power used by the fan reducing by over 80%. While there are other available technologies, such as inlet guide vanes and variable pitch fans, VFDs are by far the most effective in achieving performance that is close to the theoretical limits of the fan and pump laws.

Where do the energy savings come from?

Air conditioning can use a significant amount of energy. In some cases it could even double energy consumption, not to mention the resultant increase in a company’s carbon footprint.

Don't produce more airflow than you need!

Typically the air conditioning systems in buildings are designed for maximum occupancy and peak outside ambient. This means that for the majority of time there is large scope for running the systems at reduced speed and significant money to be saved with variable speed drives.

Optidrive Eco HVAC can vary the output of your air conditioning system to meet the varying demands throughout the day.

Building Safety Systems

Comfortable, safe & sustainable environments

  • Fire Override

    Fire Override

    Fire override mode ignores signals and alarms, keeping the Optidrive Eco HVAC operating for as long as possible.

    • This feature is crucial for ensuring smoke extraction from buildings in the event of a fire.
    • Selectable logic means that the Optidrive Eco HVAC can be easily configured to the signal produced by your fire management system.
    • With an independently set speed for fire mode operation, selectable as either forward or reverse direction, the Optidrive Eco HVAC has the flexibility to match the needs of your fire control system.
    • Fire mode operation is indicated clearly on the drive display during periods of fire mode operation.
    • Drive output logic can easily be configurable for indicating to external drives that fire mode is active.
    • Internal clocks and timers monitoring operation in fire mode, giving clear information on usage.
  • Stairwell pressurisation

    Stairwell pressurisation

    Stairwell (escape route) pressurisation systems are being extensively employed in large buildings and complexes to help ensure the safe evacuation of occupants during a fire. Variable speed drives are playing an increasing role in maintaining pressures (of approximately 50 Pa) within these critical areas. Here Optidrive Eco HVAC is used to provide a smoke free escape by accurately maintaining the air pressure along that route. Pressures must be maintained at a high enough level that a door opened between the fire floor and the escape route does not result in smoke entering the escape route. Equally, as doors and vents are opened along the escape route allowing air to escape the Optidrive and stairwell pressurisation system must increase output so that the required pressure is accurately maintained.

  • Fume Extraction

    Fume Extraction

    Many buildings now incorporate dedicated smoke management and extraction systems designed to safety exact smoke in the event of a fire, these systems are designed to localise and extract smoke such that the rest of the building remains smoke free and can be evacuated safely. Here the Optidrive's Fire Mode function is critical in maintaining continued operation of the smoke extraction system for the longest permissible period. For applications such as underground car parks the fans providing fresh air intake are often reversed in the event of a fire to provide smoke extraction. Optidrive Eco HVAC is easily configured for bi-directional fire mode operation.

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