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What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

A variable frequency drive is used to control the speed of three phase AC Induction motors.

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Variable Frequency Drives in Practice

This article describes how a variable frequency drive is put together. The IGBTs and rectifiers are usually in a single power module which is mounted on a heatsink, normally cooled by a fan which switches on when needed.

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Variable Speed Drive Selection and Installation

Travelators benefit from smooth stopping and starting when controlled by drives

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do i transfer my Optitools studio to a new computer ?

    On the old computer, in Optitools Studio, click on Help > De-Activate Licence. Select Yes on the pop up box.

    Then on the new computer, click on Help > Register for Licence. In the pop up box, click Register. Use the same IDL order code, contact details and email address on the registration form, and a new licence key will be automatically sent.

    When the Licence key arrives, click on Help > Activate Licence and copy and paste in the Licence key.

  • How can you hide certain parameters in the drive ?

    Step 1 - Within the parameter editor window of OptiTools studio click >"Add Virtual Drive" as per the same rating and type of drive that you want to hide certain parameters in.

    Step 2- Enter a value of P6-30 + 100 into P1-14 (P2, Eco,Elevator products) or P-37 + 200 (E3 products).

    Step 3- In the "Visible" column (far right hand side of window) Un-tick the parameters that are to be hidden.

    Step 4- Download the parameter file to the drive.

    Completed : When navigating through the parameters in the drive the Un-ticked parameters should now be hidden.

  • What causes a "P-LOSS" trip on Optidrive E3 ?

    The "P-LOSS" message indicates that an input phase is missing or has low voltage.

    Check the incoming power supply connections, are tightened correctly with the specified torque

    Measure the phase voltages, and ensure they are within the allowed operating range of the drive

    Confirm the voltage levels are balanced across the phases

    Ensure that one phase does not reduce in voltage when the drive operates under load, which would indicate a poor connection or contact in the drive supply line.