The use of VFDs in mining applications provides significant benefits, including energy savings, improved process control, reduced equipment wear and tear, and enhanced worker safety. Furthermore, by reducing energy consumption, VFDs can help mining operations reduce their environmental impact.


Mining operations involve a large amount of material movement. Conveyors, often several kilometres long, are used to transport the mined materials. VFDs are used to control the speed of the conveyors. This allows operators to adjust the speed based on the load, leading to energy savings and extended equipment life.


Pumps are extensively used in mining for dewatering, fluid transfer, and other processes. VFDs help control the speed and torque of these pumps, preventing damage due to water hammer, reducing energy consumption, and allowing for soft starts/stops.

Crushers and Grinding Mills

The size reduction of the ore is a critical process in mining. Crushers and grinding mills often use VFDs to ensure the appropriate speed and torque for efficient operation. Variable speed control allows the equipment to handle different material hardness, improve the crushing and grinding process, and reduce mechanical stress on the system.

Ventilation Systems

In underground mining, ventilation is crucial for the safety and health of workers. Large fans, controlled by VFDs, can adjust their speed to accommodate changes in the underground environment, saving energy while maintaining safe and effective ventilation.

Drilling Machines

VFDs are used in drilling machines to offer precise control over speed and torque, allowing the equipment to adapt to varying hardness of the material and improve drilling efficiency.


Hoists are used to move both personnel and materials in and out of mines. VFDs control the speed of hoists, allowing for smooth acceleration and deceleration, reducing mechanical stress and increasing safety.

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