Case Study

Optidrive P2 stars alongside Tom Cruise in movie

Optidrive P2 stars alongside Tom Cruise in movie


Doors on one of the movie's space crafts and travelling towers needed precise motor movement.


The powerful Optidrive P2 variable frequency drive was used to ensure smooth and accurate control of the doors and towers used during the filming.

EMR Silverthorn

Invertek's Optidrive P2 helped ensure a Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise had the right special effects.

Starring alongside Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, Warner Brothers used seven 18.5KW Optidrive P2 drives and geared brake motors to help control the 'Edge of Tomorrow' film’s special effects, including the space craft bomb doors and travelling towers.

Invertek’s technical staff were also on hand throughout filming to ensure the Warner Brothers’ SFX team were able to achieve the high standard of visual effects required.

Invertek’s Global Sales Manager, Nick Thorne, said: “The special effects industry is representative of the diverse range of sectors which now require the use of variable frequency drives and motors and is one we hope to continue to develop further."

Invertek’s sales partner EMR Silverthorn supplied the Optidrives after being approached by the Warner Brothers special effects team.

Over the past few years the distributor has received several enquiries from the special effects industry where it has provided products for other high profile films including the Harry Potter movies, Black Hawk Down, War Horse and several of the Bond movies.