Investing today for the world of tomorrow

At Invertek, we have witnessed year-on-year growth over the past 24 years, including the development of enhanced research and development facilities, and the expansion of our global manufacturing facility in in 2019.

Our integration into Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. has strengthened our capabilities of developing the next generation of variable frequency drive (VFD) technology, capable of increasing the energy efficiency of electric motors and in turn reducing energy use globally and reducing carbon emissions.

As a result, our technology is enhancing society, supporting our customers, people, and communities, economically, socially, and environmentally on a global scale.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.

is a comprehensive machinery maker that manufactures goods ranging from general machinery and advanced precision machinery to construction machinery, ships, and environmental plant facilities.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

is the brand of the Power Transmission & Controls division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. It’s committed to strengthen relationships with customers globally, while focusing on manufacturing quality-oriented gearmotors and gearboxes products and services.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd, Sumitomo Drive Technologies, Invertek Drives

Shaping the future together

We have created a powerful claim, a statement that sets a long-term goal and represents the ideal to which we aim to “shape the future together”.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies, Lafert Group and Invertek Drives Ltd: the union of these three large companies participating in the same group has elevated our operational vision; triggering the design evolution, especially in the field of integrated solutions, and solidified the strength of our position within European markets.

Increasing the energy efficiency of electric motors, reducing energy use globally and reducing carbon emissions.