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Invertek Drives helps provide a sparkling success for UK vineyard

Invertek Drives helps provide a sparkling success for UK vineyard


A range of pumps are used during the wine making process. However, these need to be capable of being waterproof due to the nature of the winery's equipment needing to be washed down after use.


The Optidrive E3 VFD with an IP66 enclosure was installed due to its ability to work in harsh and wet conditions.

Invertek Drives Ltd

The growth of the British wine industry is a testament to the quality of its vineyards and their growing and production techniques, which at one UK winery is being helped by variable frequency drives manufacturer, Invertek Drives.

A family-owned and run winery in the south of England that produces a range of quality sparkling wines from grapes nurtured on its south-facing slopes wanted to ensure the consistency of its quality produce.

Invertek Drives Optidrive Eco I66 used at a British winery vineyard

The winery's owners turned to Invertek, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of variable frequency drives, for advice on controlling some of its pumps used in the winemaking process.

They needed drives that were not only efficient but were capable of being washed down to ensure no contamination during the winemaking and bottling process.

Invertek’s IP66 Optidrive E3 variable frequency drive was the perfect solution.

Fully waterproof, the IP66 enclosure is ideal for such applications as they can be cleaned down with powerful water jets.

The onboard Energy Optimiser of the Optidrive E3, combined with the IE2 motor, also allows the vineyard to market their wine-making process as being very energy efficient.

Kes Beech, Technical Manager at Invertek, said: “With English wine sales continuing to grow because of its high quality, I am delighted that our Optidrive E3 is ensuring these standards continue to be maintained and people can raise a glass to the vineyard’s growing success.

“Optidrive E3 is a perfect solution for the vineyard because it is designed for supreme ease of use. Simply power on and the drive is up and running, providing precise motor control and energy savings using the factory settings,” he added.