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Invertek “drives” a hole in one at Italian golf course

Invertek “drives” a hole in one at Italian golf course


An existing irrigation system had one pump serving all 72 hectares of the 18-hole golf course, placing pressure on it and using large amounts of water, costing money and energy.


Four pumps controlled by four Optidrive Eco VFDs with Optiflow technology were installed into the system. This meant areas of the golf course could be irrigated individually reducing water consumption. The Optiflow technology could also control the pumps depending on demand required or if one or more of the pumps failed.

Golf Club Ligano

An Italian golf course has greater control irrigating its greens thanks to the introduction of Invertek Drives variable frequency drive (VFD) technology, cutting water usage and reducing energy costs as a result.

Golf Club Lignano at Lignano Sabbiadoro ( had a single 110kW pump and a 110kW drive controlling its underground irrigation system serving the 72 hectares, 18-hole course.

The club turned to Invertek Drives Italia for a solution providing greater flexibility, reducing water usage and associated costs.

“If the existing pump or drive was out of service the whole system would be inoperable, leaving the course without any irrigation,” said Mauro Grassivaro of Invertek Drives Italia.

“It was using excessive amounts of water and the single pump was placed under significant strain as a result.

Four Optidrive Eco IP55 variable frequency drives were introduced as part of the solution using Invertek’s Optiflow multi-pump control technology. They control four 18.5 kW pumps targeting zoned areas of the course.

Optiflow technology allows more than one drive working together to ensure optimised efficiency.

One drive is the master and the other three are slaves. The master controls and commands the slaves with their speed and run times. It also ensures that if one or more drives is out of service, the remaining available drives take control of the pumping requirements, ensuring continued irrigation.

There is also no need for external PLCs or other controlling devices as the whole programme is implemented on the Eco drives.

“The system can also detect low pressure, such as a leak in the system, blockages and dry run protection, ensuring the motors are not placed under stress, reducing maintenance or replacement costs. The new system means the club can have a targeted approach to irrigation, cutting water usage and reducing costs overall,” added Alessandro Venier.

Products used in this application:

Optidrive Eco