Case Study

Turkish residents gain smoother journey thanks to Invertek's Optidrive Elevator

Turkish residents gain smoother journey thanks to Invertek's Optidrive Elevator


Residents began complaining about the elevators and the jerky ride they were having in them. The developer needed to find a way of making the movement between floors smoother.


The Optidrive Elevator combined with the gearless PM motor provided a smooth ride as well as introducing efficiencies with low energy consumption.

IDT Automation

When the prestigious Umut residences were built in Ankara, Turkey, by major Turkish developer ICK YAPI, the aim of the development was to ensure all residents enjoyed a comfortable life.

This aim was, however, being upset by the fact the development’s two elevators were often providing jerky rides for residents in the 15 apartments and this is where Invertek’s Optidrive Elevator was able to help.

As the lift was controlled by a gearless (PM motor) any adjustments needing to be made for encoder angle, load and balance had to be done sensitively and this was leading to difficulties in being able to adjust the cabin, counterweight and door installation.

The fact that these adjustments were not proving easy to make was leading to uncomfortable rides for elevator passengers. Time was also being wasted in trying to make the adjustments together with the labour costs involved as well.

IDT Automation, Invertek’s sales partner in Turkey, was approached to see if any of Invertek’s variable frequency drives could help make the lift run more smoothly and the Optidrive Elevator was recommended and then installed.

Cagri Taskin from IDT Automation, said: “The Optidrive Elevator has made a huge difference in providing a smoother ride for passengers in the Umut residences, the builders of which put the comfort of residents as their main priority.

“Combining the PM motor with the drive from Invertek gives excellent results and in this case has ensured perfect, non-stop working elevators.

“Installing the Optidrive Elevator has also resulted in high energy efficiency lifts with very low energy consumption, and again this is important for ICK YAPI who, as a premier developer in Turkey, want their residences to be as environmentally friendly as possible,” he added.

Rhydian Welson, Invertek’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “The Optidrive Elevator is the second generation variable frequency drive designed to provide smooth, reliable carriage control in all elevator applications and has a range of features including Rescue Mode.

“Its compact external dimensions simplify installation while optional incremental/EnDat encoder feedback interfaces allow compatibility with a wide range of motors.

“Optidrive Elevator also has five independent S-ramps and dedicated motor holding brake control algorithm which allows fine tuning of the system,” he added.