Case Study

Heavy duty application for lightweight Optidrive

Heavy duty application for lightweight Optidrive


Large amounts of decorative stone needed to be transported reliably on the motorised trolley and conveyer system. They had to be controlled accurately to ensure the load was delivered and presented to the packaging machine.


Optidrive variable frequency drives were installed to control the motors controlling the trolley and conveyers. This ensured accurate control and reliability of the system.


Border Stone based in Mid Wales, now owned by Aggregate Industries (UK) Ltd, have been supplying decorative stone to the UK market for over 25 years. The company embarked on an automation programme that significantly improved productivity and reduced labour costs.

With a new bag handling robot and conveyor system installed by Mori Engineering, Border Stone designed their own pallet handling system to convey the full pallets to the wrapping machine. The resultant trolley services two conveyors using a combination of optical and mechanical sensors and includes a turntable used to move the pallets through 90 degrees as they are presented to the wrapping machine.

Border Stone had no hesitation in specifying Optidrive P2 variable frequency drives for the job and asked Invertek to recommend the optimum motor size.

Tim Hillditch, director at Border Stone, said: "Reliability and cost effectiveness were key criteria for this application and Optidrive fitted the bill perfectly. We have been using Optidrive on our bagging plant for several years and have never had any problems with them. We have even recommended them to Mori Engineering."