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HVAC upgrade for IKEA Singapore completed

HVAC upgrade for IKEA Singapore completed


High energy consumption and noise was being created by motors used to control HVAC systems at an IKEA store in Singapore.


Existing Star-Delta starters were replaced with Optidrive Eco HVAC VFDs to accurately control the motors, significantly reducing energy costs and noise levels.


Invertek Drives Far East has recently completed a HVAC upgrade for IKEA Singapore as part of an extensive energy saving and noise reduction programme.

The installation, covering both the building and car park at the Alexandra store, began with a comprehensive audit of the existing motor control system to identify the most suitable option for the client.

Invertek recommended that the existing Star-Delta starters were replaced with Optidrive HVAC variable speed drives to reduce the amount of energy being used and to significantly lower the noise of the motors used to control fans.

In total, 46 Optidrive Eco HVACs were installed including a number of IP55 units which have been directly mounted on to the wall without the need for any secondary enclosure.

The project also included an upgrade of the central motor control and monitoring system. Invertek's Regional Director, Henry Beh, said: “We were approached by one of our existing clients to provide technical support and products for the IKEA upgrade based on their previous experience of working with us.”

“We are pleased to report that the project has been very successful and the Alexandra store has reported significant reductions in both energy usage and external and internal noise following completion of the installation.”

Optidrive HVAC was developed to address specific application issues in building services automation.

Invertek's Technical Manager, Kes Beech, said: “We identified a number of issues in building automation services that could be addressed by developing the core technology used in our existing products to provide customers in this sector with complete control of their environment.”

Optidrive VSDs can be used in a wide range of building automation applications – find out more by visiting our Building Services pages.

Image: modified from IKEA Singapore by Calvin Teo, used under CC-BY-SA-2.5 licence