Case Study

Optidrive Elevator provides comfortable patient transit

Optidrive Elevator provides comfortable patient transit


A hospital elevator needed to be upgraded and would need accurate motor control to ensure a smooth ride for users.


An Optidrive Elevator VFD in closed loop mode was installed to control the 18ATF motor allowing precise and accurate motor control which in turn led to the smooth movement of the lift between floors.

Athens Medical Group

All elevator users expect to experience a smooth journey, but arguably nowhere is this more important than in hospitals.

Invertek’s sales partner in Greece, Automation Experts, was approached by DC-Services for assistance with a project that involved modernising a lift in a building run by Athens Medical Group.

The lift, which is in constant use, required upgrading as part of a renovation project to ensure it could continue to meet the daily demands of carrying vulnerable passengers in a high traffic environment.  

An OTIS MCS 321 system designed for ‘modernising OTIS and non-OTIS UMV geared and Servo drive elevators’ was already installed, so in order to ensure the lift offered the levels of functionality required, DC Services retrofitted the MCS 321 with a 37kW Optidrive Elevator variable frequency drive in closed loop mode to control the 18ATF motor.

Ensuring that elevators are able to offer the high levels of comfort and speed required in this type of installation is vital for all building operators. Optidrive Elevator uses Invertek’s proven high-performance motor control technology to provide maximum ride comfort under all conditions.

The dedicated drive includes a number of features for geared and gearless applications with a fully programmable travel curve and a dedicated motor holding brake control algorithm that provides comfortable starting and stopping.

Automation Experts has worked with both DC Services and KONE Hellas on a number of previous projects, as Theodore Amiridis, Automation Experts’ Technical Director explains, “KONE Hellas trusts our products and Invertek’s drives are recognised as being the most suitable for renovations of this nature.

"It was vital that this particular lift is very comfortable, especially when it’s being used by vulnerable people who may have just come out of surgery so as not to add to their discomfort.

“Combining the OTIS motor with the drive from Invertek gives us excellent results and in this case has ensured a perfect, non-stop working lift.”

Theodore continues, “Installing the Optidrive Elevator has resulted in a high efficiency lift with very low energy consumption – this is especially important for a lift that will be used for thousands of journeys over the course of its lifetime.”

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