Case Study

Optidrive is the perfect fit

Optidrive is the perfect fit


Supplying customers in the United States, Far East and Europe required its machines to have 1.5kW VFDs with three phase 230v and three phase 400v.


The Optidrive E3 could be supplied in the same frame size and design for both 230v and 400v ensuring the Duret polishing machines didn't have to be adapted for two different types or sizes of VFDs.


Duret, a Swiss-based machine manufacturer, supplies polishing machines to some of the world's largest and most renowned watchmakers.

When designing this highly advanced equipment, Duret was looking for a 1.5kW variable frequency drive with three phase, 230V supply for the USA and Far East markets and three phase 400V supply for Europe.

The Optidrive E3 was able to meet this criteria exactly with the 230V and 400V versions both available in exactly the same casing size and design.

The Duret design also makes use of Optitools for remote control of the Optidrive, with Optilink used between the port and the drive to eliminate the noise interference often associated with electrical connections.

Swiss watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe, are one of the first companies to benefit from this advanced technology. The last independent watchmaker in Geneva, manufacturing some of the finest timepieces in the world since 1839, Patek Philippe are renowned for their leading position in this market.