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Taking control in woodworking

Taking control in woodworking


Efficiency and safety is critical where machinery such as saws and planers are in use. There is a need to also ensure they can stop quickly in an emergency or when there is a power cut.


Optidrive variable frequency drives use a dynamic braking system to enable slowing of the machine to standstill within 10 seconds. This complies with relevant regulations and ensures safety for machine operators.


Already in use on equipment ranging from saws and planers to routers and sanders, the Optidrive VFD is extremely simple and quick to install and with built in electronic soft start ensures extremely low starting current.

Fitted with braking resistors, the Optidrive uses dynamic braking to enable slowing of a machine to standstill within 10 seconds, complying with UK legislation. Unlike most systems currently on offer, Optidrive also provides automatic braking to zero if the mains supply is interrupted, using e-stop for instance.

A maintenance free solution, the Optidrive range also provides the option to convert any single phase, 230V input to a three phase output for motors up to 3hp.

A recent woodworking application in Mid- Wales, see picture, takes a load signal from the analogue output of the main drive controlling the saw. This is fed back, via a PI control card, to the drive controlling the conveyor feeding the wood into the saw. This facilitates an intelligent variable feed rate to provide constant load on the saw and hence optimise performance.