Case Study

Tru Blu Beverages

Tru Blu Beverages


The owners of a new beverage plant using conveyors and pumping applications wanted to include adjustable torque and energy saving features as part of the project.


The Optidrive P2 and Eco were selected for the applications due to the P2's torque limiting, energy optimising and constant torque feayures. The pump protection features of the Optidrive Eco coupled with the simple PI Control setup made this combination the perfect solution.


Following the successful implementation of Invertek Drives in Tru Blu's Brisbane plant, Invertek Australasia has supplied over 100 drives to another of the company's plants in Perth.

Tru Blu is one of Australia's biggest beverage brands. It needed an industry proven variable frequency drive solution for a range of conveyor and pumping applications, all with Ethernet to control production at the new facility. Tru Blu also wanted adjustable torque / shearpin protection for the conveyors, and the pumps needed dry pump protection and simple PI Control programming for ease of use.

Invertek Australasia decided the best solution would be to offer the Optidrive P2 series drive for the conveyors for a number of reasons:

  • ethernet IP Module compatibility
  • beneficial torque limiting
  • energy optimising feature for this
  • constant torque drive was a bonus

The pump protection features of the Optidrive Eco HVAC, coupled with the simple PI Control setup made this combination the perfect solution for Tru Blu's requirements.

Easy programming was an additional benefit and once the project was complete it took under an hour to duplicate 100 Variable Frequency Drives parameters to the computer thanks to the Optistick Smart option – this alone would have taken Tru Blu days to record manually.

Invertek Australasia Director, Brett Masters, commented, "TruBlu was particularly impressed with how easy it was to get the drives up and running – meaning it could get on with the important business of quenching the nation's thirst!"

Invertek's Product Manager, Justin Walker, explains why the Optidrive P2 and Optidrive Eco HVAC offered the perfect combination for Tru Blu's requirements. "In applications where pumps are utilised to convey beverages, maximum 'up-time' is critical. A situation such as 'dry running' of the pump can cause significant damage, as well as production down-time - this is where the Optidrive's Eco HVAC feature 'Dry Run Protection' comes into its own.

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