Invertek adds oscilloscope function to OptiTools Studio

Invertek Drives has added an oscilloscope function to its OptiTools Studio which it will be launching at the SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremburg next week.

OptiTools Studio is a powerful PC based commissioning and programming application, compatible with Optidrive products. Invertek has introduced the oscilloscope function to help with commissioning and fault finding, as well as helping customers monitor energy usage.

The oscilloscope function allows the user to monitor constantly varying signals in real time and display these variations on a two-dimensional graph. The resulting waveforms provide useful information on various signals levels within the Optidrive, such as output current, DC Bus Voltage, analog input levels etc.

Technical Manager, Kes Beech, explains in more detail, “The scope function means users will be able to view drive data in real time and log traces, even at very high speeds. As with all of Invertek’s products, ease of use is paramount - the scope function benefits from a user friendly design which is simple to use by our customers worldwide.

“The scope function can be used with E2, P2, HVAC, Eco and Elevator drives. With the release of V1.30 firmware, all P2 and HVAC drives will feature an onboard high speed data logger, allowing sample rates as low as 1ms, and this feature will also be carried over to the Elevator and Eco drives in future.”

The new P2 and HVAC firmware, which will be available in time for SPS, can be downloaded directly within Optitools Studio to enable the high speed scope function. If you would like any more details before SPS, please email

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