Invertek introduces HVAC Eco at SPS

Invertek Drives is delighted to announce that it will be unveiling the latest development to its extensive range of compact, easy to use variable speed drives, the HVAC Eco, at SPS 2013 taking place in Nuremburg next month.

HVAC Eco is a dedicated ‘low harmonics’ drive that uses the latest technology to minimise disruption (harmonics) of the incoming mains power supply which can be created by non-linear loads, such as AC drives - resulting in improved performance and efficiency.

Harmonic currents are a frequent cause of power quality problems and consequently are subject to increasing regulation and legislation around the world. By using the new HVAC Eco, harmonic current distortion is reduced to below 30% iTHD (Total Harmonic Current Distortion) in most cases, whilst also increasing efficiency by reducing input current levels and negating the need for additional components such as AC Line chokes – leading to a cleaner power supply, increased efficiency and reduced life time costs.

Technical Manager, Kes Beech explains how Invertek’s low harmonics technology works, “All global mains power supplies are generated as AC Sine Wave Voltage and Current. Linear loads, such as motors, draw current in a sinusoidal fashion, whereas non-linear loads, such as drives, draw current in a non-sinusoidal way.

“The distortion created by this difference is usually addressed by using a transformer. Minimising harmonic distortion at its source removes the need for additional equipment, resulting in significant cost and energy savings.”

The HVAC Eco has been developed to provide compliance with the requirements of standards EN 61000-3-12 in Europe - introduced to encourage end users to monitor the harmonics produced on their site and take steps to minimise the effects. This also greatly assists in complying with other global or national standards, such as IEEE519, G5/4 in the UK.

EN 61000-3-12 is particularly important in the European Building Services market where drives are increasingly used in HVAC applications. The legislation covers drives with input current from 16 to 75 Amps and requires users to request permissions from the power supply provider to connect equipment that will create high levels of harmonic current distortion. The introduction of low harmonics technology allows the drives to be installed and used in applications without requiring prior consultation with the electricity provider.

In recognition of the growing use of new motor designs and technologies to meet ever increasing global efficiency targets, HVAC Eco has been designed to work with both Permanent Magnet (PM) and Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM) motors, as well as traditional induction motors, bringing additional energy savings.

HVAC Eco was developed from the outset to take advantage of these new motor technologies and offer maximum efficiency and best performance when operated with standard induction motors, PM or SynRM motors. Whilst these motor types are still relatively new, the control algorithms used within HVAC Eco have been developed and tested over several years, providing valuable experience and insight into the operation of each motor type and as a result providing market leading low harmonics performance with all types of motors.

Invertek will be launching HVAC Eco in sizes 3 (rated IP66), 4 and 5 (rated IP55) at SPS 2013 – additional sizes will be introduced to the range in 2014.

Kes continues, “We invest a significant amount of resource into our ‘innovation’ R&D programme to ensure our drives address the issues that matter most to our customers. HVAC Eco has been designed to work with the latest IE4 motors, ensuring it is future-proofed and viable on a global scale.”

Invertek’s Optidrive HVAC Eco range has been specifically designed to deliver improved performance, control and energy savings in fan and pump applications in a range of building services including fire safety, air conditioning and stairwell pressure. It uses a number of unique features that provide simple set-up and commissioning for advanced applications. Visit the Building Services section for more details of Invertek's energy efficient fan and pump control for Building Automation.

Find out more about Invertek’s comprehensive range of compact, easy to use, variable speed drives by visiting Stand 340 in Hall 3 at SPS IPC Drives, taking place in Nuremburg 26th-28th November 2013.