Automotive cleaning chemicals manufacturer turns to Optidrive for mixer solution

A tank agitator with a demanding high torque at start-up was causing production problems for the manufacturer of specialist automotive cleaning products.

Mexico-based Margrey, which manufacturers chemicals and products used for cleaning and detailing in the automotive sector, was struggling to find a variable frequency drive (VFD) capable of handling the high start-up current and demanding mixing application.

“The mixer motor needed to reach 75HP. However, the density and volume of the liquids being mixed placed high levels of stress on the mixer blades at start-up,” said Marcus Silva, Invertek Drives Head of Sales in Latin America.

“This meant a high-powered motor and VFD was needed to handle the start-up current required.”

InnovationCom, a sales partner of Invertek Drives, worked with Margrey in Jalisco to develop a solution. They identified the Optidrive P2 as a VFD more than suited to the application. It would control a 480V, 3 Phase, 7.5HP motor.

High current at start-up and a range of densities during the mixing process

“The agitator mixes a range of substances with different densities. So, it was important to have complete control at all stages of the mixing process, from start-up with a high-current, through to variable speed control during each stage of the mixing process, or where additional substances are added,” added Marcus.

“In addition, the enclosure protection of the drive, due to the environment it was operating in, and its physical size were also important factors. They wanted a drive that could be easily installed into an existing cabinet on the mixer. A combination of these meant the company was struggling to identify a suitable VFD.”

One of the most powerful drives in its class

The Optidrive P2 is one of the most powerful VFDs in its class. It combines high performance with ease of use. It can handle 150% overload for 60 seconds. In this instance, an IP55 rated, Frame Size 6 with 110A, 380V-480V, 3PH input was chosen.

“The customer was impressed with the speed of the installation and commissioning, something the Optidrive range is well known for. Its ability to handle the large capacity and powerful motors without any problems was also a major plus for the business which has been able to continue production without any issues,” added Marcus.

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