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Invertek Drives Ltd has achieved ISO 26000:2010 for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment.

The prestigious international standard is achieved by businesses and organisations “committed to operating in a socially responsible way.”

Invertek, which designs and manufactures variable frequency drives used to control electric motors at its headquarters in Welshpool, UK, will use the standard as a best practice framework for its CSR which outlines seven key principles that are viewed as the roots of socially responsible behaviour. The standard will continue to be assessed by independent auditors as with the company’s other business management systems.

Stephanie Walton, Compliance Manager, said the accreditation was an endorsement of the hard work and commitment of the Invertek team.

“As a company, we have a responsibility to our people, community, and the wider environment. These include seven guiding principles that are accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of behaviour, and respect for human rights,” said Stephanie.

The right approach for our sustainable business and our reputation of being a responsible organisation

“ISO 26000 is not only an endorsement of that commitment, it demonstrates how we are undertaking that work as part of our core values, as well as being inherently the right approach for our sustainable business and our reputation of being a responsible organisation.”

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 26000 “provides guidance to those who recognize that respect for society and environment is a critical success factor. As well as being the ‘right thing’ to do, application of ISO 26000 is increasingly viewed as a way of assessing an organization’s commitment to sustainability and its overall performance.”

Shaun Dean, Chairman of Invertek Drives Ltd, Senior Vice President of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd, Managing Director of SHI (Europe) B.V., and CEO of Power Transmission and Control Group – EMEIA Business HQ, said: “ISO26000 reinforces the continuing drive to enhance our brand strength of Invertek Drives as one of the leading players in the energy saving marketplace.

“The team’s commitment to this goal is paramount in our ‘living this in our daily working life’ as one of our core company principles. This provides us with the process platform to ensure we deliver the best opportunity for a greener planet and provide products for a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

Adrian Ellam, CEO of Invertek Drives Ltd, said: “As a company and as part of the wider PTC EMEIA group, we are committed to upholding the best practices and principles for our employees, our community and wider environment. ISO 26000 has been achieved through hard work and we have all played a part in some way towards this.”

He added: “As we move forward and grow as a business we will ensure our core values are aligned with all that we continue to do. This builds on our existing environmental, quality, and sustainability principles and commitment.”

We pride ourselves on our true, evidence-based commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Invertek’s ISO 26000 statement states: “We have applied ISO 26000 as a framework to integrate social responsibility into all our business practices for our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers appropriately to adhere to. We regularly monitor our performance based on these values and conduct checks to ensure that our wider team and partners align to these values.

“We pride ourselves on our true, evidence-based commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and use Ecovadis as a trusted and independent assessment to score our actions, data and evidence on an annual basis. In 2023, we achieved a silver rating in Ecovadis.

“We also participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project for both carbon and water and publicly report our data, as part of the Streamlined Energy and Carbon reporting.”

The seven key principles are:

Accountability – we are answerable for decisions and activities related to our parent company, legal authorities and, more broadly, our interested stakeholders.

Transparency – we will be open about decisions and activities that we make that could affect society, the economy and the environment, and we are always willing to communicate these in a clear, accurate, timely, honest and complete manner.

Ethical behaviour – our behaviours will always be in accordance with accepted principles of right or good conduct in the context of a particular situation.

Respect for stakeholder interests – we have identified those who are affected by our decisions and actions -and will respond to their concerns, (without letting them make our decisions).

Respect for the rule of law – In the context of social responsibility, our respect for the rule of law means that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations regardless of whether they are actively enforced.

Respect for international norms of behaviour – In situations where the law or its implementation does not provide for adequate environmental or social safeguards, we should strive to respect, as a minimum, international norms of behaviour.

Respect for human rights – In situations where human rights are not protected, we will always take steps to respect human rights and avoid taking advantage of these situations.

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