Cooling to the Green Deal with natural CO2 refrigerant systems

Alt text not availableWith a recast of the European F-Gas Regulation expected by the end of 2021, even more stricter emission targets are anticipated following the publication of the European Commission’s Green Deal in July.

The Green Deal, also referred to as Fit for 55, sets out proposals to cut EU net greenhouse emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. This could mean the current target of reducing fluorinated greenhouse gas (F-Gas) emissions by two-thirds by 2030, compared with 2014 levels, will be adjusted and tightened further.

The EU F-Gas Regulation brought a 44% reduction in the amount of available HFCs in the EU, compared to 2015. By 2030, the current regulation allows only 20% of HFCs to be available, with stepped drops between then and now. This could change in the recast.

The impact of both means there is a need to ramp up the use of natural refrigerants, such as CO2, in cooling and refrigeration systems. And this isn’t just in the EU, but throughout the world as part of the existing Kigali amendment to the global Montreal Protocol.

VFDs are reducing emissions in HVAC/R systems

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are playing an important role in reducing emissions and energy use in HVAC/R systems. Invertek Drives has a dedicated VFD, Optidrive Coolvert, for use on CO2 refrigeration display cases used in the retail sector, while its Optidrive Eco operates on larger current refrigeration compressor racks and cold rooms.

Optidrive Coolvert is one of the smallest VFDs in its class providing OEMs with opportunities to reduce panel space and lower machine costs. It fits directly into refrigeration display cases alongside a CO2 compressor.

This is in addition to end-user savings of up to 25% using CO2 refrigerant condensing systems which it is specifically designed to work with. A combination of meeting EU F-Gas Regulations and cutting energy use is a significant benefit for the end-user as well as the environment.

Mike Carman, Head of Sales at Invertek Drives, said: “The recast of the F-Gas Regulation comes as the EU sets out its new and wider environmental ambitions through the Green Deal. It’s widely believed this is the precursor to a significant adjustment in the F-Gas Regulation timeframe.

“With either more cuts in the number of HFCs available in the EU or increased limits on emissions, it’ll impact on the manufacturers and end-users of refrigeration and wider HVAC/R systems."

In addition to its class-leading size, Optidrive Coolvert also has the widest ambient operating range of between -20c to +60c making it ideal for use in a wide range of environments.

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From supermarket refrigeration to heat pumps and condensing unit

It can be used for the control of CO2 ­­­­rotary or scroll, BLDC compressors used in supermarkets and convenience store display cases; heat pumps, and condensing units. This is in comparison to the Optidrive Eco VFD which operates on larger capacity semi-hermetic and screw compressors used in industrial and food retail refrigeration racks, and chillers.

Coolvert is compatible with all motor types, including induction motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless DC motors, synchronous reluctance motors and Line Start PM motors ranging between Single Phase (Active PSE) 7A and 20A, and Three-Phase 14A to 24A (input of 200V to 480V).

Its open Modbus RS485 communication ensures seamless connection to any external application controller, allowing the OEM freedom to select which components to use which again helps lower manufacturing costs.

With an IP20 rated front and an IP55 rated rear, its panel mounting allows the drive’s power electronics to be cooled by the chilled air of the condenser.

This allows OEMs to select the smallest panel size for the control of the electronics while removing heat generated by the drive and maintaining the IP rating. 

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Advantages of Optidrive Coolvert in summary:

  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity (via Optistick Smart)
  • Through panel mounting
  • Safe torque off (TUV approved) input, providing built-in extra protection
  • Seamless connectivity with any controller via Modbus RTU
  • Pluggable control and communication terminals
  • Wide ambient operating temperature between -20c and +60c
  • Lower harmonics – EN 61000-3-12 compliant without external equipment
  • Single Phase – EN61003-2 with active PSE
  • Coated PCBs meet 3C2 IP20 – EN 60713-303
  • Suitable for all motor types: IM, PM, BLDC, SynRm, LSPM

More details about Optidrive Coolvert and the complete range of Invertek VFDs can be found at

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