COVID-19 Statement - A robust global supply chain, stock and distribution system

Invertek Drives has a robust contingency plan in place to ensure the continuation of business during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the UK and globally.Alt text not available

This includes ensuring the security of our supply chain, stock, manufacturing and distribution systems.

Long term stock of components and materials

Our global operations facility in the UK contains several months stock of components and materials for the manufacture of our complete VFD product range. This has been in place for several years as part of our contingency arrangements for any break or shortage in the global supply chain at any time.

We are continuously monitoring and discussing the situation with our suppliers on a day-to-day basis.

Global stock and sales network

While passenger travel restrictions have been put in place to, from and within some countries, the distribution of goods internationally remains unaffected and our courier and cargo network continues to operate. We have a robust network of partners who also hold stock of our products globally and are all operational.

Our manufacturing process is currently working at full capacity and we have plans in place to ensure the security and continuity of this process through our shift system.

We are monitoring and adhering to UK government advice as and when it is issued.

Above all, we are confident that our strategic approach to our supplier chain and sales network will ensure continued manufacturing and distribution of our products.

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