A smooth elevator ride for residents’ automated tower car parking

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Transporting vehicles by elevator to a tower parking facility is a complex process. It's crucial to ensure a smooth and silent ride to the right floor for the safety of the vehicle and to avoid disturbing the residents during the procedure. 

In Mumbai, India, automated car parking experts Wipro-PARI are best known for their highly efficient systems in both overground and underground vehicle parking. Integrated into many of their solutions are Invertek Drives Optidrive Elevator variable frequency drives. These accurately control the electric motors in both vertical and horizontal movements.

A recent project involved the development of a 24-storey parking tower integrated with an 18-storey residential block in Mumbai.

Vehicles enter the elevator before being lifted to one of the floors where it is then moved from one tray to another where it is parked. The reverse happens when the resident wants to take the car out.

“Vehicle elevators require certain essential features such as smooth movement, quiet operation, and a seamless start and stop, in addition to a quiet operation to not disturb residents in their apartments. To achieve this, four 37kW Optidrive Elevator drives control 30kW / 37kW induction motor in the four towers of the building linked to the residential block,” said Bhupesh Katakkar, Invertek Drives Country Manager for India.

“The vehicles are transported to the appropriate level and then transferred from one floor to another within one of the parking towers. The elevator can accommodate vehicles weighing up to three tonnes.”

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The geared elevator system operates in a closed loop.

Mr Mahesh Joshi, Head of Controls Design at Wipro-PARI said the Optidrive Elevator was a perfect companion to the parking systems. “We have to ensure a smooth and safe movement of vehicles throughout their transit from the entrance to the parking space and vice versa.

“The inverter is crucial for this, and the Optidrive Elevator drive not only ensures a smooth ride, but its motor braking control has also been superior compared to other drives we’ve used. This combination is crucial, to achieve highly accurate stopping of elevator at parking floors”.

The Optidrive Elevator is a dedicated drive for geared and gearless lift applications. It has a compact design which is ideal for use in elevator applications. Its five independent S-Ramps allow fine tuning of ride and performance and jerk free travel.

Additional features include high motor switching frequency for quiet motor operation which is imperative in residential environments.

Other advanced features include anti-rollback in open and close loop operation, and brake release monitoring, in addition to others.

More details can be found at www.invertekdrives.com/variable-frequency-drives/optidrive-elevator/features

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