With an increasing focus on water and raw materials management in light of stringent EU and in-country regulations, Invertek Drives will be at IFAT Munich, Germany, (13-17 May) highlighting how its variable frequency drives (VFD) are supporting the optimisation of processes, improving energy efficiency, and directly contributing to regulatory compliance.

This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with the EU's commitment to sustainable water management practices and environmental protection, helping facilities meet the goals outlined in directives like the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive.

Visitors can head to Stand C1.128 at Munich Messe to learn how private and public sector companies and organisations throughout the world are already harnessing Invertek’s Optidrive VFDs as solutions in pumping, material handling and other applications. 

"The European water and raw materials handling sectors face increasing pressure to operate sustainably and efficiently," said Dylan Davies, Product Manager at Invertek Drives.

"Our Optidrive VFD range provides a powerful solution, offering a perfect blend of performance, reliability, and energy savings. With a variety of models to suit specific application needs, VFDs can precisely control motors driving pumps, fans, and other critical equipment. This translates to significant energy savings, reduced operating costs, and a smaller environmental footprint."

Invertek Drives offers a comprehensive range of Optidrive VFDs, each designed for specific applications:

  • Optidrive Eco: A cost-effective VFD ideal for basic pump and fan control. The Eco's simple programming and operation make it perfect for straightforward applications where energy savings and reliable performance are key.
  • Optidrive E3: A mid-range VFD packed with features for a wide range of applications. The E3 boasts superior efficiency, advanced control options, and built-in communication capabilities, making it a versatile choice for water treatment, material handling, and other demanding processes.
  • Optidrive P2: A high-performance VFD designed for the most challenging applications. The P2 delivers exceptional dynamic control, advanced safety features, and robust construction, ensuring optimal performance in even the harshest environments.

The benefits of VFDs for water and raw materials handling include unmatched energy savings, precise control for optimised processes, enhanced reliability, reduced maintenance and downtime, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Optidrive VFDs optimise motor performance, reducing energy consumption by up to 60% in some cases compared to traditional fixed-speed operation. This aligns with the EU's commitment to energy efficiency under the Energy Efficiency Directive (2018/2002/EU) and related national regulations.

VFDs provide precise speed and torque control, ensuring optimal performance for critical processes like:

    • Pumping: Precise control of flow rates in water treatment, wastewater management, and irrigation systems.
    • Material Handling: Smooth control of conveyors, mixers, and feeders for improved efficiency and reduced product damage.
    • Mixing: Accurate speed control for consistent mixing of liquids and slurries in various applications.

Optidrive VFDs can support applications to meet specific requirements outlined in EU directives such as the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (91/271/EEC), promoting sustainable water and wastewater management practices.

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