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The water industry across Europe faces a complex landscape, with ambitious targets set by the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), rising energy prices, and the widespread need to modernise ageing infrastructure, as highlighted at IFAT Munich 2024 (13-17 May).

The WFD sets rigorous standards for improving water quality, aiming to reduce pollutants, protect aquatic ecosystems, and achieve good groundwater status. In the UK, recent scrutiny of water companies has highlighted the urgent need to address issues like nutrient removal and pollution from combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are a key technology in addressing these challenges, allowing water and wastewater operators to optimise processes and reliably fulfil their regulatory obligations.

Invertek Drives Ltd is showcasing its VFD solutions at IFAT 2024, Munich, Germany (13-17 May, Stand C1.128). Invertek's Optidrive range, including the Optidrive Eco and Optidrive P2, offers features specifically designed for this sector.

“The water and wastewater industry faces a combination of stricter regulations and real-world operational needs,” said Dylan Davies, Product Manager at Invertek Drives.

"To meet targets set by the EU Water Framework Directive and address ageing infrastructure, water and wastewater operators require advanced technology for precision process control. Invertek's Optidrive VFDs provide this level of control, enabling optimization of mixing, pumping, and aeration.

"In addition, by precisely controlling pump speeds, VFDs can fine-tune chemical dosing for optimum removal of pollutants, matching outflow quality to even the strictest standards."

He added: “This directly translates to achieving water quality parameters, reducing energy use by up to 40 per cent in some cases and extending equipment lifespan by minimising unnecessary wear and tear.

“Our Optidrive VFDs are designed with these in mind. They provide the precision and reliability needed to achieve targeted water quality outcomes, reduce energy waste, protect critical infrastructure, and ultimately support a more sustainable water future.”

By enabling precise control of pumps, mixers, and other equipment, Invertek's VFD technology allows operators to fine tune process flows to maintain optimal water quality parameters through precise flow and dosing control; slash energy consumption by significantly reducing operational costs and contribute to carbon reduction goals; and extend equipment lifespan by preventing costly breakdowns and premature replacements through optimized pump operation.

Invertek Drives offers a comprehensive range of Optidrive VFDs, each designed for specific applications:

  • Optidrive Eco: A cost-effective VFD ideal for basic pump and fan control. The Eco's simple programming and operation make it perfect for straightforward applications where energy savings and reliable performance are key.
  • Optidrive E3: A mid-range VFD packed with features for a wide range of applications. The E3 boasts superior efficiency, advanced control options, and built-in communication capabilities, making it a versatile choice for water treatment, material handling, and other demanding processes.
  • Optidrive P2: A high-performance VFD designed for the most challenging applications. The P2 delivers exceptional dynamic control, advanced safety features, and robust construction, ensuring optimal performance in even the harshest environments.

VFDs provide precise speed and torque control, ensuring optimal performance for critical processes like:

    • Pumping: Precise control of flow rates in water treatment, wastewater management, and irrigation systems.
    • Material Handling: Smooth control of conveyors, mixers, and feeders for improved efficiency and reduced product damage.
    • Mixing: Accurate speed control for consistent mixing of liquids and slurries in various applications.

Visit Invertek Drives Ltd at Stand C1.128 at IFAT, Munich between 13 and 17 May.

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