Mining company utilises Optidrive P2 VFD to optimise conveyor and crushing process

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An Indonesian mining company has significantly improved the transportation and crushing of ore at its site with the introduction of Optidrive variable frequency drives (VFDs) on a reclaim feeder breaker and conveyor system.

Sumitomo Cycle Drive Asia Pacific has supplied 11 Optidrive P2 VFDs from Invertek Drives Ltd to PT. Harma Contractor Indonesia for a mining project involving a feeder breaker and conveyor.

Controlling mining reclaim feeder breaker and conveyor

The high-performance VFDs, with power ranges of 250kW, 160kW, 110kW, 90kW, and 75kW, are being used to control the electric motors that operate components of the reclaim feeder breaker and conveyor. This equipment plays a crucial role in the mining process, as it pulverises large rocks into smaller pieces for further processing and transportation.

“The Optidrive P2 VFDs are providing precise control of the reclaim feeder breaker and conveyor electric motors, ensuring that they operate at the optimal speed and torque for each application,” said Deddy Christian, Business Development Manager at Sumitomo Cyclo Drive Asia Pacific.

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“As a result, the mine has experienced significant improvements in efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and increased productivity. The P2 is specifically designed for high-performance and demanding applications such as mining.”

The reclaim feeder breaker and conveyor work in tandem to extract ore from stockpiles, crush it to the desired size and transport it to the subsequent processing stage. This continuous and uninterrupted flow of material is essential for maximising production efficiency, minimising downtime, and ultimately contributing to higher productivity and overall output.

Optidrive P2 is designed for demanding applications

The Optidrive P2 VFDs also offer a range of features that make them particularly suited to demanding mining applications. Their robust design, including IP66/NEMA 4X-rated enclosures, makes them dust and water-resistant, ensuring their durability in the harsh conditions of a mining environment. Additionally, the VFDs are straightforward to install and commission, minimising downtime and reducing maintenance costs.

“We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the Optidrive P2 VFDs,” said a spokesperson from PT. Harma Contractor Indonesia. “They have proven to be reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. We are confident that they will continue to meet our needs for many years to come.”

Deddy Christian added: “We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible VFD solutions tailored to their specific applications. We are confident that our Optidrive P2 VFDs will remain a valuable asset to the mining industry for many years to come.

PT. Harma Contractor Indonesia is a leading mining contractor in Indonesia, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects across the country.


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