Roasting up the perfect coffee bean with Optidrive VFD and SM Cyclo gear motor technology

Pratter coffee roaster using an Optidrive VFD

In the heart of the world's fourth-largest coffee bean producer, a technological collaboration is brewing perfection between three manufacturers of variable frequency drives, gear motors, and coffee roasteries.

Coffee beans are being roasted with such precision and control that every batch achieves the desired flavour consistently, roast after roast.

Pratter, a coffee roastery branded range made by PT Patmanunggal Reka Abadi, use Invertek Drives Optidrive E3 VFDs to provide accurate control of Sumitomo Drive Technologies gear motors from SM Cyclo Indonesia, enabling consistent and high-quality coffee roasting across cafes, roasteries, and industrial settings.

The success of any coffee roast hinges on meticulous control of temperature and airflow.

VFDs step in to provide just that. By precisely controlling the speed of the motors powering the rotating bean drum, motor blower, and cooling agitator, they ensure each batch achieves the desired roast profile with consistency. This creates exceptional drink quality, ensuring Pratter's reputation for excellence.

When testing and trialling the products in 2018 they had used another VFD manufacturer's drive. It was when SM-Cyclo Indonesia worked with them, combining the Optidrive E3 in its place with Hyponic and Astero direct drive motors, that they saw the benefits.

Each roastery includes two Optidrive E3s, a Hyponic gearmotor and an Astero gear motor.

Pratter’s range boasts an array of models designed to meet diverse needs. At the heart of their operation lies the rotating bean drum, meticulously controlled by the VFD. This cast iron drum gently agitates the coffee beans as heat envelops them, coaxing out their flavours and aromas. The VFD ensures precise temperature control, preventing scorching and achieving the desired roast profile with unwavering consistency.

The motor blower accurately regulates airflow, ensuring even heat distribution and preventing unwanted hotspots. Meanwhile, the cooling agitator quenches the roasted beans, locking in their new flavours and preventing over-roasting. This intricate mix of heat, air, and cooling, controlled by the VFD, transforms green coffee beans into aromatic beans, ready to be brewed and enjoyed.

Optidrive provides assurance for reliability and stability

"The Optidrive E3 has been instrumental in streamlining our production process," said Indrawan Samuels of PT. Patmanunggal Reka Abadi. “The durability of the VFDs allows me to provide assurance of the performance stability of the Pratter products in every use.

"The user-friendly setup allows for quick integration and adjustment, ensuring our roasters are up and running efficiently. Importantly, the reliable performance and precise control have significantly elevated our brand image, showcasing our commitment to quality and consistency."

The success story extends beyond the VFD itself. The Optidrive E3 seamlessly integrates with direct drive motors from Sumitomo Drive Technologies, distributed in Indonesia by SM-Cyclo Indonesia and backed up with product and technical support.

This powerful combination delivers exceptional energy efficiency, unmatched reliability, and unparalleled motor control, ideal for the demanding world of coffee roasting.

"The synergy between Invertek's innovative VFD technology and the high-performance motors creates an unbeatable solution for Pratter," said Carwyn Jones, Asia Pacific Technical Sales Manager for Invertek. "Together, they provide the precise control and unwavering reliability needed for exceptional coffee experiences." 

Perfect balance of power, precision, and efficiency 

Bambang Suharyadi, of SM-Cyclo Indonesia, said: "The combination of drives and motors offers the perfect balance of power, precision, and efficiency. We are proud to play a part in Pratter's success story."

This collaboration holds even greater significance considering the context of Indonesia's coffee industry. As the world's fourth-largest coffee bean producer, Indonesia boasts a rich coffee culture and a rapidly growing speciality coffee market.

Pratter, with its commitment to quality and innovation, perfectly supports this growth.

The roasteries cater to coffee connoisseurs across various settings, from cafes to roasteries to industrial-scale coffee production.

The technical specifications of the Optidrive E3s used are 0.37kW, 1PH and 0.75kW, 1PH. 

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