R744 and R290 natural refrigerant ready Coolvert takes centre stage at Chillventa

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One of the smallest variable frequency drives (VFD) in its class designed and ready for R744 and R290 natural refrigerant BLDC compressors will take centre stage on Invertek Drives stand at Chillventa, Nuremberg, Germany (11-13 October 2022).

Optidrive Coolvert was designed by Invertek Drives specifically for OEMs to optimise the performance of BLDC compressors used in heat pumps and condensing units.

It also has one of the widest ambient operating ranges of between -20c to +60c making it ideal for use in a wide range of environments.

The drive will be on display at Invertek’s stand (Hall 5, Stand 5-205) alongside the Optidrive E3 and Eco VFDs which can be used to control refrigeration compressors, significantly reducing energy consumption, and improving system COP (coefficient of performance).

“All eyes are on the need to conserve energy and reduce emissions, not only by choice but through continued legislation globally. More and more refrigeration and heat pump specialists are moving to natural refrigerant-based BLDC compressors and heat pump systems, such as R744 and R290,” said Dylan Davies, Product Manager at Invertek Drives.

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 Coolvert is ideal for OEM machine builders

“Coolvert is ideally placed for this due to its small size for machine builders. Additionally, it improves the overall performance of such systems and lower energy costs.”

Coolvert is compatible with most motor types, including induction motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless DC motors, synchronous reluctance motors and Line Start PM motors ranging between 1.5kW to 11kW, 2HP to 15HP. It has single and three-phase input of 200V to 480V.

Its open Modbus RS485 communication ensures seamless connection to any external application controller, allowing the OEM freedom to select which components to use which again helps lower manufacturing costs.

With an IP20-rated front and an IP55-rated rear, its through-panel mounting allows the drive’s power electronics to be cooled by the chilled air of the condenser. This allows OEMs to select the smallest panel size for the control of the electronics while removing heat generated by the drive and maintaining the IP rating.

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