Taking a tour of Invertek's global manufacturing facility

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The journey from the quality inspection of supplied components through to the individual manufacture and distribution of Optidrive variable frequency drives (VFD) is an integral part of the success of Invertek Drives.

For the first time since its new global manufacturing and distribution centre was opened in 2019, Invertek has opened up its operations facilities in a new video highlighting the process that goes into the assembly and testing of each VFD it manufactures.

Rhydian Welson, Invertek’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “One of our assets when showing potential and existing customers around our headquarters here in Mid Wales, UK, is our operations facility. Normally we’d have visitors coming from around the world each year, but the current coronavirus situation is obviously preventing that.

“And so, we’ve launched the first in a series of videos highlighting elements of our work that will include the assembly and manufacturing, to innovation, research and development.

From component inspection to drive assembly and testing

“In this first video, we’re highlighting the journey of a drive through the manufacturing process. From the arrival and quality inspection of components through to the kitting out and assembly of each drive in a controlled environment, before the onward despatch through our global network.

“We’re very proud of our one-flow process based on our ‘build to order’ philosophy. It’s great to be able to share that process through these new videos with potential and existing customers, as well as potential employees and others who can see the range of career opportunities we have here, from operations technicians to graduates, throughout manufacturing, innovation, engineering, sales and marketing.”

The video can be found at www.invertek.tv.

More information about Invertek Drives and its range of Optidrive VFD products and technology can be found at www.invertekdrives.com.

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