Updated statement on Coronovirus (COVID-19) business continuity

Following the proactive implementation of our COVID-19 contingency plan last week our sales, manufacturing and distribution systems are fully functioning, ensuring business continuity to our customers globally.

We continue to monitor UK government advice. However, we remain confident that our strategic approach to our supplier chain and sales network will ensure continued manufacturing and distribution of our products.

Robust systems ensure business continuity

Alt text not availableWe are ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all our employees and this includes introducing a new shift system at our manufacturing facility allowing no contact between each shift changeover.

Our operations layout also means employees work at a distance from each other. We are working at full manufacturing capacity.

An enhanced level of sanitising and cleaning is also undertaken throughout the facility as well as within our innovation, technical and sales and marketing team offices.

Sales and customer service teams

Our robust and secure IT systems mean our teams are undertaking home working where appropriate. Our sales and customer services teams are contactable through our normal channels, including our sales partners globally.

The distribution of goods internationally remains unaffected for most regions and our courier and cargo network continues to operate. We have a robust network of partners who also hold stock of our products globally.

Supply chain unaffected

Our supply chain is unaffected and contingency plans we implemented several years ago to ensure continuity of business during any break or shortage in our supply chain is working. This includes holding several months stock of components and parts to manufacture our complete range of Optidrive VFDs and associated technology.

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