Optidrive VFD controlled refrigeration system saves 35 per cent in energy costs

151236 Large Drive

Energy savings of an average of 35 per cent have been achieved on a supermarket refrigeration rack system and rooftop package units following the installation of Invertek Drives Optidrive variable frequency drive (VFD) technology.

Falkonair Inc, a specialist HVAC-R software manufacturer, partnered with EcoPower, a contractor in Costa Rica, to retrofit multiple systems at a large supermarket retailer’s sites. They used Invertek Drives Optidrive VFDs.

Falkonair’s product, the Smart Compressor Control (SCC), was utilised to enable inefficient fixed speed compressors to be converted to variable speed systems, the only product in the market to use temperature sensors versus pressure control. 

“We were dealing with both HVAC and refrigeration systems and the Optidrive Eco was used on the compressor within the refrigeration rack systems and rooftop packaged units.

“The customer wanted the installation to be done as quickly as possible. Invertek had the advantage due to their reliability and the company’s sales partner in Costa Rica having the relevant stock available,” said Christopher Micallef, CEO of Falkonair.

Roof Top Packed Unit

Optidrive Eco, 3PH, 480V and 230V VFDs with IP55 enclosures were mounted on the roof and in the refrigeration plant room. These drives were installed on both Bitzer and Copeland Discus reciprocating and LG scroll compressors.

The installed systems demonstrate the compatibility and effectiveness of the Optidrive VFD range in increasing efficiencies in HVAC-R systems and reducing energy use.

Not only does the system reduce energy use and associated costs, but it’s also helping contribute to a reduction in emissions which is beneficial for the environment. Additionally, the system is more efficient with less downtime which is critical for a retailer with a large refrigeration system.

The Optidrive Eco is designed for a range of HVAC-R and pump systems. The Eco is available in a range of frame sizes and enclosures, including IP66 / NEMA 4X. It’s available in models ranging from 0.75kW to 250kW / 1HP to 350HP and 200V to 600V single and three-phase.

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