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All the Fun of the Fair – powered by Invertek Drives

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Invertek Australasia has recently completed installation of an Optidrive P2 to ensure the continued smooth running of a fairground favourite - the Zipper.

Greenhous, Invertek’s distributor in Western Australia, was approached by Mitro Entertainment to take a look at its Zipper carnival ride to try and find solutions to the following problems:

  • The boom rotational speed was running at 5.5rpm - it should have been 7.5rpm
  • The cable rotational speed was running at 3.5rpm – it should have been 4.5rpm
  • The ride wouldn’t start on a 75kva generator – it kept stalling the generator
  • The customer was having to run the ride solely on a 250kva generator which meant high fuel consumption
  • The customer had previously been advised to change the motor & electrics, or revamp the whole hydraulic system  - neither option was economically viable
GreenHous decided the best solution would be to install an Optidrive P2, set the parameter to 60hz output, set the accelerator ramp to 30 sec. and enable the energy optimiser.The installation of the P2 has effectively overcome all of the problems and resulted in significant energy and cost savings for the ride’s operator.


  • The boom rotational speed is now correct at 7.5rpm
  • The cable rotational speed is now correct at 4.5rpm
  • The Zipper ride will start and run smoothly on a 75kva generator
  • The 250kva generator now runs all of the other rides, lighting, machines etc (meaning two generators are no longer required)
  • The motor now runs at 3.7kw (down from 17.6kw) and 12.8amp (down from 21.7)
Brett Masters, Invertek (AU) Director says, “Our client was amazed at the difference the installation of the Optidrive P2 made. The Zipper is one of its main attractions, but it was using a significant amount of energy to run and costing far too much money. None of the other options they’d identified were economically viable and there was a very real threat to the ride’s future. Installing the P2 has given the Zipper a new lease of life!”

Find out more about the Optidrive P2’s capabilities here and follow this link to read more case studies.

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