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Efficient solutions for sewage treatment

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During the summer of 2006, EPS Ltd of Ireland commissioned a new sewage treatment plant at Longwood, Co Meath.

Longwood is small rural village which has had a significant increase in population, it's close proximity to the capital city of Dublin, making it an excellent base for commuting. As a result, the existing sewage treatment facilities were no longer capable of coping with the increased population, and new, improved facilities were required.

EPS were chosen to undertake the task, due to their proven experience and expertise in the water and waste water treatment industry. EPS's primary consideration for the plant was to offer a cost effective, efficient solution, whilst also minimising audible noise.

The plant uses the latest technology in defused air water treatment, with Optidrive Plus units chosen to drive the constant torque blower units. Operating in closed loop PID control, the level of dissolved oxygen is constantly monitored, and the blower output automatically controlled by the Optidrive Plus to maintain a target value.

Optidrive VTC inverters are fitted to control pumping speeds on the variable torque pumps, providing energy saving speed control and low noise operation.

A total of 10 Inverters are utilised, each drive capable of automatic operation with manual 'hand' override where required.

Invertek Optidrive units were chosen because they offer extremely simple set up, allowing the system to be commissioned quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining all the flexibility of control required in this application.

This is now just one of a growing number of sites throughout Ireland where EPS have used Invertek Optidrive Inverters successfully.

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