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Since its launch in 2005, Invertek Drives Spain has achieved outstanding success in a variety of markets and applications.

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The key product in this success story is the Optidtive Plus 3GV, an open loop drive that produces 100% torque at 0.0Hz.

The most recent application to benefit from the unique features of the Optidrive Plus 3GVis biscuit manufacturing. In this process a biscuit cutting die has to run at very precise speeds and ratios in relation to systems feeding the dough to the die and to the conveyors that remove the cut biscuit.

Master Slave Arrangement

In this instance, three Optidrive Plus 3GV units were used to create a master-slave arrangement with extremely precise ratios between each drive. Users can then quickly and easily adjust ratios as required using a potentiometer.

The major benefit provided by Optidrive Plus 3GV in this application is the ability to operate this master slave arrangement reliably and accurately without the need for a feedback device. The result is a highly cost effective and powerful solution.

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