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Invertek has become a reference in the metallurgic industry

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Since it was launched, Invertek Drives Spain has focused its activity on markets where the key benefits of Optidrive are utilised to the full. One such market to recognise the powerful tools and incredible performance offered by the Optidrive range is the metallurgic sector, where the purple colour is increasingly decorating the industrial environment.

The latest major system using Invertek Drives Spain was developed, built and installed by a company specialising in metallurgic treatments. Composed of 25 Optidrive Plus 3GV units complete with specialist 3GV-W application macro software, the system controls different parts of a sophisticated metallurgic process.

This 3GV-W software allows the use of up to three acceleration and three deceleration ramps, with each being selected automatically as a function of speed. The operator presets the speeds at which each of the ramps activates whilst additional flexibility is provided by allowing selection of independent acceleration and deceleration ramps via digital inputs. These specialist functions compliment the standard Optidrive Plus 3GV feature of providing 100% motor torque down to 0.0Hz.

"This is a very important tool when you have to set up hundreds of drives and have a parameters list for the future" said the technical manager of the company installing the system. In case of service requirements to any drive the technical support team are able to send replacement drives very quickly, pre-loaded with the full list of parameter settings. This is a very important requirement once the system becomes old and personnel forget the parameters that were originally set up.

Furthermore, the pluggable signal connector allows quick and easy change of one drive for another, up to five times less than the time required for previous drives in this application.

Time is money and the metallurgic engineering companies are appreciating such benefits, knowing they have superb performance and reliability with a drive that puts them firmly in control of their processes.

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