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Open loop vector control delivers cutting edge performance

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Optidrive Plus 3GV variable speed drives have delivered stunning performance and reliability improvements on a cross cut saw fitted to an aluminium extruder cut to length system operated by G James Aluminium Extrusions Pty Ltd in Australia.

The company manufactures aluminium extrusions for applications within the domestic, commercial and industrial markets throughout Australia and South East Asia.  

The 650mm diameter saw blade cuts several extrusions at once laid side by side. The profile of extrusion varies causing fluctuations in current and torque requirements during the cutting process. In extreme cases the saw needs to go from almost no load to fully loaded many times during one cutting cycle. With the previous variable speed drive this led to frequent tripping and costly interruptions to the production process.  

The Optidrive Plus 3GV with open loop vector control was able to provide the dynamic response times required by the application. Optidrive Plus 3GV uses 3GV technology, a revolutionary and patented motor control strategy. 3GV technology delivers 200% torque down to 0.0Hz allowing this unique open loop product to be used without any feedback device in many traditional closed loop applications.  

Only the motor name plate data is required to achieve optimum performance, the drive continuously and automatically determines and tracks the key motor characteristics required for vector control.  

Optidrive Plus 3GV can be commissioned using the unique Optiwand PDA software designed for use on pocket pcs. Communication takes place without wires using infrared light to quickly and accurately transfer data.  

Boyd Davidson, Electrical Supervisor at G James Aluminium, reports that since the installation and commissioning of the Optidrive Plus 3GV, the saw has proven to be highly reliable with no nuisance trips. Further, the machine now delivers much better cut consistency, far less waste and increased productivity.  

The individual customer support provided by Invertek Australasia and the programming assistance from Invertek Drives were also cited as key reasons for choosing Optidrive.

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