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Optidrive E2 has the edge in Italy

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Invertek Drives are being used to provide precision control for portable chamfering machines manufactured by Italian based OMCA s.r.l.

These portable chamfering machines are used on every type of ferrous metal, aluminium and plastics for chamfering internal and external edges up to 45 degrees. Using the Optidrive E2, this equipment is required to work with fully adjustable speeds up to 6000 r.p.m. and be able to withstand the vigorous vibrations created in this type of operations.

The variable speed drive specified was required to be extremely compact, to easily fit inside the control cabinet on these portable units, and to be able to withstand the extremely high operating temperatures reached within this cabinet.

Alessandro Venier, Field Application Engineer at SIEI PETERLONGO, Inverteks Sales Partner in Italy, confirmed:

"The Optidrive E2 exceeded all the critical performance requirements for this application. Reliability was guaranteed despite the vibrating equipment, thanks to the absence of hand soldering in this drive. The internal RFI filter helps ensure extremely compact dimensions and being able to operate at 50 degrees centigrade without declassing confirmed that the Optidrive E2 was the best solution for this application."

Easy installation and commissioning together with a global sales network of Invertek Sales Partners and Service Centres providing seamless support around the World, were also regarded as key factors in specifying Optidrive E2 for this application.

OMCA s.r.l is the market leader in Italy for portable chamfering equipment, with more than 500 resellers. Based in the Cavriago region of Italy, 70km North of Bologna, the company boasts an 8000 square metres manufacturing plant where all products produced since 1996 carry CE certification.

Established in the 1960s, OMCA s.r.l specialises in CNC machines and the manufacture of mechanical equipment that includes draggers and rotating tailstocks, bench and portable chamfering machines. More recently the company has developed partnerships all over the World, from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, and France right through to Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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