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Optidrive takes control of ventilation in painting lines

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C.W.N. (Cabinebouw Warmtetechniek Nederland)

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Optidrive VTC, the specialist AC drive specifically developed for fan and pump control, has proven to be the optimum choice for ventilation systems on industrial painting lines being manufactured and installed by C.W.N. (Cabinebouw Warmtetechniek Nederland) around the world.

Painting lines are a significant feature of manufacturing in a massive range of industries. From the production of trucks, trains: to agricultural machines such as combines and tractors, through to cars and industrial components - the list is endless. Many such painting lines are fully automated with spray robots and mechanical hands. However many processes still feature hand finishing and spraying for complex or specilaised applications and in these situations ventilation of paint residues is obviously of paramount importance.

Recent developments in eco-friendly paints have done much to improved working environments, however paint residues and aerosols still pose a major health hazard that must be eliminated from factory workshops.

CWN ( based in Ede in the Netherlands, is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of ventilation and filtration systems for large painting processes. When CWN developed a new PLC unit to control large fans in their specialist ventilation systems and dust vacuum cleaners the company undertook detailed evaluation and testing of AC drives from a range of leading manufacturers. Optidrive VTC was the first choice drive for regulating the fan speeds and is now specified for all CWN systems.

Peter Klaassen , project manager at CWN confirms that "Our ventilation systems use fan motors between 7.5 and 15KW, with three phase 380V supply, and Optidrive VTC is now specified for all of these installations.

Sensors are included in every ventilation system installed to measure pollution. These sensors provide an analog 0-10V signal which is monitored by the Optidrive VTC. The fan speed is then adjusted in relation to this signal to ensure pollution remains under the specified limits.

The Optidrive VTC has been proven to provide the necessary performance and reliability, along with the flexibility to meet the extremely wide range of applications undertaken by CWN.

CWN has installed complete paint spray booths and ventilation systems incorporating optidrive VTC at companies that include Porsche Germany; the Dutch railway company NS; and Scania Holland. The company also work in partnership with enamel companies such as Akzo in Holland , the USA and Canada.

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