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Optidrive is a star in the film industry

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Optidrive Plus 3GV AC drives have achieved massive costs savings and significantly increased productivity in a plastic extrusion, film and bag manufacturing plant in Australia.

Established in 1980 in Queensland, Polyam (SL) Pty Limited is a fully integratedpolyethylene blown-film manufacturing operation providing extruded, printed and converted products to Australian industry.

Polyam operate a number of lines extruding and forming plastic film in which variable speed drives operate in speed/torque mode, allowing the drive to operate as a velocity regulator, a torque regulator, or a combination of the two. In this instance the drive automatically switches from speed to torque mode (or from torque to speed) based on the dynamics of the motor/load. This ensures that the plastic film on the production line remains under the correct tension and running at the optimum speed throughout the process.

This application also makes use of the in-built master-slave function of the Optidrive Plus 3GV, which provides a simple yet flexible means of coupling a network of drives together using the Optibus protocol.

The master drive transmits its operating status and output frequency automatically to any connected slave drives and the slaves then follow the operations of the master drive, with independently adjustable speed scaling.

Over 50 Optidrive Plus 3GV units have been supplied for this application by Invertek (Australasia) Pty Ltd. Ranging from 0.37kW through to 90kW power outputs the Optidrive units were retrofitted to existing machines, replacing existing AC and DC systems.

Key requirements for Optidrive in this application were the ability to exceed the performance of the existing DC drives, provide reliability that would increase uptime and signifcantly reduce maintenance costs, especially with regard to the motors. Ease of use and quick commissioning were also highlighted by maintenance personnel.

Wayne Soden, Maintenance Supervisor at Polyam could not be happier with the conversion to Invertek's Optidrive:

"with help from our electrical contractor we installed the Optidrive and finally had a system that performed better than our DC solution and we managed to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs at the same time!"

Now that Wayne is a convert with nearly 50 Invertek drives installed on site he couldn't be happier with the Optidrive – "we now look at the plant and try to work out where we can install more of the Purple Machines to help everything run smoothly."

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