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Optidrive VTC keeps storm water at bay!

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Dublin Port Tunnel, the largest ever civil engineering project in Ireland, is relying on Optidrive VTC drives to keep the tunnel operational in all weathers.

Duty standby pumps, designed to evacuate storm water in the tunnel, are controlled by 2 sets of 45kW power output Optidrive VTC units running in PID control. Sensors in the tunnel monitor the storm water level, linked to the Optidrive VTC units which then run the pumps as required.

The Optidrive VTC also controls automatic duty standby and change over between the pumps, ensuring an equal workload for each pump and automatic back up in the event of a pump failure.

The Optidtive VTC is specifically designed for variable torque applications and was installed in this application by EPS Limited, the pump applications specialist based in Cork. EPS Limited now specifies Optidrive VTC as standard in pump applications throughout Ireland.

Tommy Tighe, Invertek Drives Sales Manager in Ireland, adds

" The Optidrive VTC not only provides highly cost effective performance for variable torque applications, it is also extremely east to use and provides some excellent energy saving features. The 'sleep mode' which automatically switches the drive off when not required, is a major feature in providing maximum energy savings.

Dublin Port Tunnel facts:

The project employed 5000 people over the course of its construction delivering 7.5 million man hours. It is the longest road tunnel in an urban area in Europe

2 million tonnes of rock and clay have been moved over the course of the project

Much of the Tunnel is between 21 and 23 metres (7 storey's deep) below ground level, through hard limestone. There is approximately 10 metres of rock and 12 metres of boulder clay above the Tunnel.

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