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Pizza making made easy

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A ready meal producer in Belgium has been so impressed with the easy to use and cost effective Optidrive E2 that it is now specifying these variable speed drives as standard throughout the factory.

Frima NV are an Ostende-based provider of ready meals. Formerly part of the McCain Group, Frima NV were aquired by a French investor group during October 2009.

Now supplying a wide range of pizza and ready meals for the French market, the company are increasingly specialising in BIO food.

The food manufacturing plant, located directly on the Belgian coast, has historically specialised in making pizzas with fresh fish taken straight from the ships in the Ostende harbour.

In this application, Frima NV needed to upgrade pizza production lines to automate the process of sprinkling cheese on to pizza bases. The Optidrive E2 AC drive has provided an ideal solution, allowing precise amounts of cheese to be consistently applied to each pizza whilst removing the need for expensive and less reliable manual labour for this task.

The Optidrive E2 drives were supplied by Motronic, Invertek Drives Sales partner based in Brugge. Kenneth Demeulemeester , Technical Representative at Motronic, confirms:

Optidrive E2 is the most commercially competitive Optidrive, being dedicated to low power applications where total costs are ultra-competitive. Optidrive E2 has only 14 standard parameters to adjust in its basic form, thus Optidrive's legendary ease of use could not be easier or quicker to get started with. These two factors alone have meant that Optidrive E2 has been a resounding success in this application.

This superb Optidrive performance, reliability and ease of use, including the option of an Optistick to allow fast and accurate repeat programming, means that the Frima NV factory is now almost completely standardised with the Invertek Drives.

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