Swiss choose space saving Optidrive

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The excellent reliability and space saving features of the Optidrive have helped land major orders with machine tool OEMs in Switzerland.

Cryovac, who manufacture food packaging equipment for food processing companies around the World, now specify Optidrive for a range of their equipment.

In addition to needing an extremely compact drive, a key criteria set by Cryovac was the need for extremely low current leakage on EMC filters. As one of the most compact drives in its class, with market leading performance on low current leakage to earth, Optidrive was an obvious choice.

Supplying precision machine tools to major watch manufacturers around the World, Bumotec were looking for an extremely compact drive that offered outstanding reliability - both areas where the Optidrive scored heavily.

Required to maintain extremely accurate control of multiple spindles, the drives underwent a rigorous test programme running for several months. Throughout these tests and subsequent applications throughout the World, there has not been a single Optidrive failure reported. As a result, Bumotec now approve Optidrive for use throughout its machine tool range.

The next step is the detailed evaluation of Inverteks Optilink, designed to provide a digital optical link between multiple Optidrives. This will guarantee exact speed matching between the spindles on each machine tool....

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