Celebrating International Women's Day

As the world celebrates International Women's Day, we focus on our Graduate Training Programme and Ffion, an NPI Specialist, who joined us in 2020.

Ffion joined Invertek’s Graduate Training Programme having studied Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics MSci at the University of Birmingham.

The graduate programme involves rotating between each department at Invertek’s HQ. This not only ensures each graduate gains an understanding of the different areas of the business, but it allows them to identify their strengths and future role within the company.

“I spent my first four months in production working on a line building drives. Working on the line gave me an excellent chance to familiarise myself with the different variants of drive, as well as picking up the terminology and understanding how the drives work having not had any experience in electrical engineering,” said Ffion.

Since then, Ffion has completed the programme having worked in Purchasing, Logistics, Manufacturing Engineering, Innovation and Technical Support.

She has taken up a role as an NPI Specialist working on the release and transfer of products from the Innovation team into Operations (manufacturing).

Her role also involves collating data and liaising with Operations to ensure all information is available and any queries have been addressed before the release of a new product. Within this process she also gives feedback to suppliers regarding any quality issues of sample parts.

“The best bit about working at Invertek has to be the people. Everyone’s very welcoming and always willing to give you a hand if you need one,” added Ffion.

If you're interested in a role at Invertek Drives, visit www.invertekdrives.com/careers for more information.


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